4 simple tips to successful weight loss

Losing weight can be a difficult process and can be desired in lots different ways, by lots different people... but how do you do it?

When you lose weight, you want to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss. It is possible to lose body fat without losing much weight on the scale. Exercise is a really great way to lose weight and improve your overall health. It can lower your chance of many diseases, including heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and some cancers.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that you might be able to relate to, because sometimes the best way to learn is through the questions of others:

Does exercise help me lose weight?
Will I have to follow a very strict diet?
Do I have to run for a long time to lose kilograms?
Do I have to cut out all fat from my diet?
How do I keep the weight off once I lose it?
Will I eat more if exercising so much to lose weight?

All these questions are can be answered, but each person takes a different weight loss journey and some questions are relevant to some but not to others.
SO, here are 4 tips to shed those extra pounds and keep them off!


Whether it’s large or small, setting yourself a goal is a good place to start and helps with monitoring where you are and where you want to be.


We all need some variety in our lives and that includes the gym. If you feel yourself starting to plateau, mix things up and try a new workout plan to keep you interested and motivated.


It is important for motivation to find enjoyment in the things we do, and this applies to your workouts. Find an exercise you might be good at or have a fondness for! This will help you stay on track and edge you closer to your goals.


Many of us can become impatient and want to see results instantly! Because of this we will be looking every day at ourselves in the mirror or scales judging why we haven’t reached our goal. Be patient, be consistent and keep moving forward.


Text: Tom Waterson, Fressi Trainer, Kamppi

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