English summary: Welcome to Fressi!

Over 50 top-of-the-line, full-service wellness centers and 24h gyms in Finland - feel fresh, feel good at Fressi.

Over 50 locations in Finland

Full-service wellness centers and high-quality 24h gyms - choose your nearest Fressi or make use of all of them!

Manage your membership online

Choose services that fit your needs, and make changes as needed. Start, pause, and end your membership flexibly.

Choose flexible or fixed-term

You can pick a flexible membership with no commitments, or a fixed-term membership with a significant price benefit. You decide!

You deserve the best!

At Fressi, your enjoyment and the joy of exercise are paramount, regardless of your fitness level or training experience - and professional help is always available!


Fressi's spacious gyms, clean changing rooms and shower facilities, and considerate fellow members further enhance your comfort.


Choose whether to work out in the gym or participate in an inspiring group exercise class at our wellness centers. In some of our  locations, you can also leave your children in professional care while you work out, enjoy a sauna session afterwards, and relax for a moment in a massage chair.


This is what Fressi is all about, complete with friendly customer service!

Why Fressi?



Fressi has several wellness centers and 24-hour gyms across Finland, all yours with a single access card. Pick your favorite, or use them all.



Exercise is just one part of holistic well-being. Fressi offers a wide range of services for you to use.

Motivating environment


Fressi's cheerful and encouraging atmosphere makes for a happy workout environment!



At Fressi, you'll find gym equipment and accessories, as well as dedicated spaces for functional training for even the most demanding users.

Group exercise


Find your favorite group exercise classes, as well as workshops ran by Fressi Trainers and Physiotherapists. FressiTV is also at your disposal!

Personal Training and physiotherapy


A Fressi Trainer or Physiotherapist guides and motivates you safely towards your goals.


We'll be happy to help - you're welcome to get in touch with our customer service using the chat in the lower right corner of your screen to get assistance in English!

Sure! You can find the terms of the Fressi membership contract in English here (please scroll to the bottom of the page).

They are also available in the online store, right before you purchase your membership.


For detailed information on different payment options, visit: www.fressi.fi/liikuntaedutnetissa

After signing up, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to pick up and activate your personal Fressi membership/access card. You can do this at any time, regardless of the customer service desk's opening hours.

Children aged 12-16 are welcome to exercise at the Fressi Wellness Center accompanied by a guardian, with a membership of their own. Those over 16 can train without a guardian. A membership contract for customers under 18 must always be signed by a guardian.

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